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Eyes and Ears - Volume 12 No 7 July 2019. No 132

“Pioneers” – their initial “Home” in Vung Tau

 Artillery Camp, Vung Tau - May,1966

Let’s get into what’s in our 132nd edition…

We continue with a great “Diary” type recall of living close to the beach at Vung Tau circa May/June 1966 by Jim Fitzgerald. Then we get into some of our regular items, plus a “Passion” recall by Graham Williams, we have another mystery-man in the “Unknowns” section. There’s heaps of mail, including a fantastic piece of a “One step for…” article, which is not to be missed. The Notice Board give us some planning that can be done. Then you can go for a wander through the Association information, along with interesting goings on.

Everyone remembers the 20th July, 1969 – however, Vietnam Vets hava another reason to remember this day.


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