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Eyes and Ears - Volume 13 No 13 January 2020.

No 138

An interesting reminder of the lead up to “Tet” with no idea of what was to come…

No 138 – what’s it got in store…

We get a pre-view of Tet, then a Locate a Locator query, Richard Chaplin gives us a bit of an Insight and Recollection, we have a look at what some of you got up to with “Cars/Toys” over the years, then there’s a question as to what medals etc the late Warwick Hamilton is wearing, Marg and Ron Mason take us on a “magic” outback road trip, we follow that up with an “Unknown question and solution and then we get serious about the state of our Honour Roll, we follow that up with some really great mail. We finish up with another Vale this time for the passing of Quenton Knight.

January’s come and gone – hey that wasn’t that hard!
 Looking forward to further contacts for the second month of 2020 – get typing!

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