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Eyes and Ears - Volume 13 No 5 may 2020.

No 142

Battle of Coral/Balmoral    12th May- 6th June, 1968.or 52 years, the memory remains -

The Battle of Coral-Balmoral was a series of fierce attacks fought in Vietnam 52 years ago this May. As the sun set over South Vietnam, Australian soldiers settled into their hastily dug, muddy fighting positions, unaware that an overwhelming attack by North Vietnamese Army soldiers was imminent.

No 142 – OK, this is the start of a new week and a new month – just what you need…something to read.

We’ve got the usual regular topics to start us off, then we have a very interesting type of Det “Oddity”, followed by a “Country Needs You” teaser, John Dellaca completes his very successful “Passion” for now, we have an Army Nurse’s book to discover “Tears on MY Pillow”, an Interesting 20th Century Observation, ah, the start of the “Nui Dat Locations/Personal Project, “The Office” – what the!, 131 Battery gives us a bit of a heads-up, then it’s on to mail and more mail. We then venture into the realms of the Associations which continues to ZOOM meet.

Vale has a very sad note with the recent loss of Kevin “Soul” Maker, plus some updates on earlier passings.

Let’s hope this brightens your days and hope we find you all well and coping with the current conditions. 

Hear from you soon.


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