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Eyes and Ears - Volume 12 No 6 June 2019. No 131

April/May – months for reflections.

53 Years ago, the Detachment laid its first  footprints in South Vietnam.

The Bravo Radar crew - Ian Board, Edward “Spike” Chase, George Lane, Mick McDonnell and Vic Moreau (Late) – Vung Tau prior to the Task Force relocating to Nui Dat.


Let’s get into what’s in our 131st edition…

We kick off with some memories from the “Pioneer” Group arriving in South Vietnam. Then some of our regular items, plus a continuation of a China adventure by Allen Morley in the “Passion” section, we have another “Unknowns” section. There’s heaps of mail, including a not encouraging response to our USC Legacy appeal. The Notice Board give us some planning that can be done. In the Association information, along with interesting goings on.

Memories are great to recall and this month is no exception.

Keep in touch fellas – it’s our life blood.

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