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Eyes and Ears - Volume 11 No 11 November 2018. No 124


We commence with the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day, then have a look at the new “proposed” Veterans Card/s, continue the search for Locators from the ’67 era this time, another “Unknown” to unravel, plus in between all of this and ongoing there’s a heap more to get you wandering through for a day or two, the Mail section continues as another great read (keep it up fellas – it’s important to ALL of us), then we lift the bonnet on the Association section to let you know what’s happening in the engine room after the AGM.

 Hey next month is December – careful putting the tree up and what about a seafood for Christmas dinner! Keep the poultry for eggs.

                                        Don’t worry about Christmas cards – an email will do

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