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Eyes and Ears - Volume 14 No 9 September 2021.

No 158


Now what we’ve got to read this month...

We start with a story on the two blokes above, we continue with Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War, the we have a look at Radars – Locations and Members, the RVCM gets a mention, we have a Quiz, John Vitkovsky makes a comment re: Bob King’s “Splintex, we have a look ant he most popular Conscription “day” month, Graham Williams has a query with the V2 Rocket, then there’s a plethora of really good mail, an update from Peter Pioro alias the “Advocate”, the Notice Board has the 3rd October as a note, then we’re into the Association’s information – always worth a read and we finish up with a Vale Reversal.

Enjoy the read – we look forward to keep hearing from ALL of you.  

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