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Eyes and Ears - Volume 13 No 12 December 2020.

No 149

Let’s make it a memorable one for the right reasons…

No 149 – This the last read for 2020! Here’s what we’ve got this month...

We start with a “Brereton Report” comment, Bob Billiards has a “Coral” memory, Ken Osborne has a classic bit of  memorabilia, there’s some discussion on an ANZAC Portal photo, we start a bit of a series on “Christmas in Nui Dat”, then there’s some comments on a couple of photos, Peter Pioro gives us some info from the “Advocate’s Desk”, then there’s the mammoth 2 x Mail Sections – always worth a read to catch up with mates, read the Notice Board for an upcoming 2021 event, then it’s into the Association’s latest (another successful live attendance and ZOOM meeting) – find out what they’ve been up to. To finish off there’s an update on a Vale.

Thanks to ALL of you for your support during 2020 –
let’s keep our mateship alive for 2021 and beyond.
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