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Eyes and Ears - Volume 14 No 11 November 2021.

No 160


It’s great to share another period in time with you all…

Card: Ernie Newbold

Now let’s see what November offered...

Christmas with the Survey blokes in ’67 and a couple of Remembrance Day photos, we have a look at the last episode in Australia’s involvement in SVN, then in Locators Locations the RAEME Section finishes the series off, Kevin Browning puts in an article on a 12-Ponder restoration with some great photos, Grahame Dignam gives a look at some drone activity, then there’s a follow up with the V12, a look at a 9.2 inch howitzer, Patti and Denise get a follow-up look in too, then there’s the final section to Australian MIA’s in SVN, there’s an another update on the RVCM submissions, then there’s our mail – fantastic! I put in a 2022 Photo Project, then it’s into the Association, including the AGM – check out the ZOOM photo!

We do finish with a couple Vales – it’s great to honour them.

It’s another 26-pager, so settle back and I hope you enjoy the read.

Enjoy the Festive Season and catch you all in a month.  

Keep safe and in touch.
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