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Eyes and Ears - Volume 17 No 2 February 2024.

No 187

Eyes and Ears – the First edition in the new series – 15 Years ago it got re-booted!

It’s just so good to see how it has developed over this time – and a great amount of thanks goes out to the lot of you.
Let’s see if we can keep it going for a while longer.



 Eyes and Ears

No.0001 February, 2009

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We’ve updated the Eyes and Ears front page banner, the we recognise that Eyes and Ears goes into year 16, we have a look at some Military stats, Ernie Newbold has a fun recollection, the Lost Locator Project continues, our Unknown Dates of Death shrinks, there’s a Quiz, then mountains of Mail, then there’s a full Noticeboard, the Association section is full as usual. Sadly we complete the edition with Vale with three lost members – May They Rest in Peace.

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