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Eyes and Ears - Volume 15 No 9 September 2022.

No 170

September, 1967 RTA’ers –

William Thomas, Barry Bonser, Jim Hogno, Allan Adams, Mick Luff, George Clark, Peter Gault (Late), Phil Endicott, Barry Follington, Steve Boutlis, John McFadden and Ross Gunnell

Some September, 1968 RTA’ers –


Gordon Malcolm, Ken Woodbine, Geoff Holden, Bob Billiards, Nick Armstrong.

Here’s what you can find in September’s edition …

We’ve got a couple of RTA’er groups to examine, then we’re back with the continuing series with Jeff Evans, John I’Anson retells a great post SVN odyssey, Russ Jackson spills the beans on a fabulous ‘Passion’, then whoa the Mail starts and goes on, next is the Notice Board with a mention of 35 years since the Welcome Home Parade, then we venture into Association business which includes the welcoming of King Charles lll, then sadly into Vales for the late Queen Elizabeth lll and our own Jeff Bassford.

 So, find a sheltered spot and settle in for what should be a good read.
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