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Tuesday 8th February 2022, 11.00 AM

Venue to be advised

And available via Zoom link also to be advised.


Not at Canley Heights RSL and Sporting Club
Street Address: 26 Humphries Road
Wakeley NSW

Locators Reunion ANZAC Day 2022

Proposed LSTAA Reunion Programme

Reunion Program: 23, 24 and 25 April 2022

REUNION = 131 DLB, 132 DLB, 133DLB, 130 Gun Loc Bty, 20 STA Regt 131 STA Bty, 132 STA Bty, LSTAA members,131 Loc Assc. Current 20 Regt, 131 Bty, 132 Bty,

Location; - Brisbane – Queensland –

Event dates:
23 April 2022 - 10 – 3pm Saturday Fort Lytton LSTAA/20th Regiment family day. Regimental catering with LSTAA subsidising costs.
24th April 2022 5-8pm Sunday Drinks and War stories: - Kedron Wavell RSL
25 April 2022 Monday ANZAC DAY: Dawn service at 20th Regiment. Brisbane ANZAC Day March, post drinks at The Stock Exchange Hotel.

If you would like to attend contact Keith Ayliffe

There is no obligation at this stage, we need possible attendance numbers in our attempt to keep prices down. Let us know if there is a possibility of you attending.