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Eyes & Ears - Vol 10 No 11 November - No 112

Christmas – the best to everyone!!!

Card by Ernie Newbold

Let’s share time with family and friends...

We wish ALL of you the best for Christmas.

November’s Eyes & Ears is not to be missed – have a look at what you’ll discover…

Let’s start off with a Christmas wish, then we continue with Insights and Recollections with Coral Balmoral, then there’s a great Locator’s “Passion” to discover, we get into “Unknowns” and “Oddities, then there’s mail, more mail – just too good to miss. Hey there’s a really important notice requiring help on page 13/21, then there’s a jam-packed Association area, including the AGM. Vales catches up with us this month recording two lost mates – not a great way to end.
Note the change to the Eyes & Ears email address –

Only one more edition to go for 2017 – wow that’s amazing. Keep in touch it’s what we’re all about.

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