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Eyes & Ears - Vol 10 No 9 September - No 109

                                         Calling all Locators, Over!

The ANKPQ/1 has arrived (in crates) at the National Vietnam
Veterans Museum, Phillip Island...

September is crammed full of great stories - here's the lead in...

The ANKPQ/1 has "landed" and needs to be unpacked and assembled, another 50-year anniversary, we continue with insights and Recolections with Coral/Balmoral, we've got another "Unknowns" pic and answers, then there's another "Oddities" and a massive "Mail Call" section not to be missed and then, of course catch up with YOUR Association happenings.

Note the change to the Eyes & Ears email address –

October's here, start looking for the sunscreen - send us an email just to say g'day!


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